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ASU 2019-10 : Amendments to Subtopic 842-10

By Webmaster | November 23, 2019

The FASB has issued ASU 2019-10, which amends the effective dates for three major accounting standards.  The ASU defers the effective dates for the credit losses, derivatives and leases standards for certain companies. Please find…

Minimum Wage Ordinance

By Webmaster | July 17, 2019

Dear client; CHLK is taking this time to thoroughly explain which minimum wage ordinance your business should follow.   If your business is located inside the boundaries of City of Los Angeles, then you must…

[Tax Update] Trump’s Tax Reform

By Webmaster | January 8, 2018

Both the House of Representative and Senate passed the final version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which will be in effect beginning 2018. Brief summaries of new tax laws are as follows: The…

California –Corporate, Personal Income Taxes: Budget Bill Signed; Teacher’s Credit Repealed; Collection Fees Set

By Webmaster | August 29, 2017

Ending a six-week stalemate, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed the state’s budget bill (S.B. 77) with no tax increases; however, S.B. 87, a budget trailer bill accompanying the budget bill, repealed the teachers’ credit…

SSA is reminding employers on several issues: SSA PIN reminders

By Webmaster | August 29, 2017

2007 Changes to the EFW2 & EFW2C Social Security has changed the name of publications Magnetic Media Reporting and Electronic Filing of W-2 Information (MMREF-1), and Magnetic Media Reporting and Electronic Filing of W-2c Information…

Mid-size Corporations are Required to File Their Returns Electronically

By Webmaster | August 29, 2017

E-filing: Corporate returns: Form 1120: Form 1120S. The September 17 deadline is approaching for corporations that have requested extensions to file. Last year, only large corporations were required to file electronically. This is the first…