Corporation set up procedure

1. Search Corporation Name
This is the first procedure to decide on a corporate name. For California corporations visit
, and go to Name Availability to find out which names are available.

2. Name Reservation
By filling out the Name Reservation Request Form, you can reserve a Corporation name. You can choose up to three names, and your first choice will be available for 60 days. You may be able to extend the expiration date.

3. Filing Articles of Incorporation
First, you have to fill out the Articles of Incorporation Form, and you can either mail it or it can be hand delivered to the closest Regional offices to register. When you visit Regional Office to register, you need Corporate Office Address, Initial Agent (Incorporator)’s Address, and number of Authorized Stock. It takes about 2 weeks to get a Certified Copy of Articles of Incorporation

4. Preparing Initial Statement of Information
After you incorporated a company, you need to elect Corporation’s officers (President, Secretary, Chief Finance Officer, etc.) within 3 months of incorporated date. You have to notify to Secretary of State after company elected officers.

5. Appling Federal Identification Number
Federal Identification Number, also known as Employer Identification Number (EIN) is like that of Social Security number. You need this number when you open a business checking account. You can obtain Federal Identification Number either by online or mail. Applying it online will let you obtain the number instantly but applying via mail will take couple days.

6. Preparing Initial Bylaws and Minutes
You have to keep secure the Articles of Incorporation, and you must record and keep Minute from the first meeting of Board of Directors.

7. Issuing and Registering Stock Certificates
Stock certificates are to be issued shareholders pursuant to Board of Directors Minutes. Stock issuance must be registered with Department of Corporation guide. company formaion